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Chelsea ‘set to make Pep Guardiola the highest paid manager ever with £54million contract offer’

Metro - Chelsea are ready to make Pep Guardiola the highest paid football manager ever with a £54million contract offer this summer, according to reports.

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KingPin3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

and then chelsea will be 2nd on the log for 2 weeks in a row and he will get fired.

goku323593796d ago

It makes one wonder. Abramovich wants Pep more than anybody in the world. Lets say hypothetically that Pep is indeed the next Chelsea manager. If he doesn't do that well, would Abramovich fire him? I mean Pep is the manager Abramovich has wanted all along, if he fires him, who in the world would Abramovich hire next. This is why I think that if Pep comes to Chelsea, Abramovich would actually give him time and complete (well almost complete) control over the squad, well at least for a while. If that doesn't work out, I don't know what will.

oli3796d ago

"If" he is the next manager, then why is he letting Benitez go on a spending spree?

goku323593796d ago

@ Oli

Well he's certainly not keeping Benitez if that's what you're getting at. Also, what spending spree? So far we've only gotten Ba, and that was for like 7 million...

oli3796d ago

There are a ton of news of chelsea wanting so and so. If they want Pep, then i say to stop the signings if and when they get him.

goku323593796d ago

@ Oli

There are a LOT of rumors flying around these days about who Chelsea will get next, and i would love to get the likes of Fellaini or Falcao in the squad, but i highly doubt any of them are going to happen, at least not in the winter.

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silvacrest3796d ago

i wonder about that, hear me out

roman spent 50 mil on torres, hes been inconsistent at best, useless at worst yet still stayed off the bench when sturrige and lukaku were fit and ready to step in, hell, even after getting Ba he hasn't been replaced


my guess is roman wanted his investment to play no matter what

if roman will pay £54 mil for pep i suspect the results will be the same, which means he wont be fired any time soon even if poor results come his way

badz1493796d ago

Pep is highly overrated! Hell u can give Barca to anybody, they aren't going to get any weaker. Tito was out for several matches due to cancer but Barca still out there slaughtering other teams week in and week out without him! If Roman thinks that getting Pep will somehow lift up Chelsea to Barca level, several matches are all he needs to be proven wrong!

RGB3796d ago

£54 million contract offer... if I was Pep, I'd still say no! I'd say no at £100 million. He'd be mad to manage that team with Roman as overlord and it would destroy his reputation.

mmj3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Madness, unless Roman buys the entire Barcelona team they aren't going to play as good as them. A conductor is only as good as his orchestra.

Barcelona have made their best ever start to a season without Pep.

silvacrest3796d ago

they dont need to play as good as barca, they only need to win

the "orchestra" as you put it is pretty good, it just needs fine tuning to be among the best

KingPin3796d ago

but they need to win everything all the time or he will get axed. RDM won the freaking champions league and still got sacked for not winning anything else.

these rich owners are sickening actually. they know nothing about football. they think if they come in, spend millions its instant success.

look at barca side, at least 7 of the starting 11 are from their own academy. and they been playing together since the age of 14-16. billions of dollars cant buy that kind of chemistry. same with united, bringing in players from the academy constantly.

how many man city or chelsea players came from their own youngsters? and how many constantly start?

pep is only so good, but what roman is expecting is impossible. heck SAF, one of the greatest managers in the EPL ever even had trophyless seasons along the way. if SAF was chelsea coach, 1 trophyless season and he would be sacked. FACT!!