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Highlights: Stoke City 0-4 Chelsea (English Premier League - 12/01/13)

0-1 Jonathan Walters 45+1′ (OG)
0-2 Jonathan Walters 63′ (OG)
0-3 Frank Lampard 65′ (PG)
0-4 Eden Hazard 73′

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buddymagoo3246d ago

Chelsea were lucky today and were handed the result. Stoke dominated the first half but were unlucky with the own goal just before half time. Then another Silly own goal and a dodgy penalty and it was all over for Stoke and Chelsea began to dominate with Hazard scoring a cracker toward the end.

karim3246d ago

They dominated the first 30 mins then it was all Chelsea

buddymagoo3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

In the first half Chelsea only had Lampards chance which resulted in a cracking save by Begovic. Stoke dominated for 60m and Stoke could have had a penalty but for some really good officiating by the lineswomen changing the refs decision. Then it was all chelsea.

Chelsea didn't look like scoring but for the own goals and penalty.

Mozilla893246d ago

Lucky or not we got the points from a place where no team has won this season. That's all that matters.

badz1493246d ago

I can't remember a pro player messed up THAT bad before lol!

Nes_Daze3246d ago

Shame for Stoke, they were playing good, but those two own goals completely destroyed their morale. Credit to Chelsea though for pushing up front, and threatening with corners.. Oh and it's nice to see Hazard score from such a distance, he's a great player and it should pay off more for him.

karim3246d ago

Credit where is due at, well done Walters, man of the match. Good game, we suffered a horrible 30 mins then came back to life, the timing of that own goal was perfect..Lit up our morale, knew we were gonna win it from that point though Stoke were kinda unfortunate with their 2 own goals

The_Devil_Hunter3246d ago

No matter how bad Torres has been recently at least he has never pulled a Jonathan Walters

badz1493246d ago

like "he Waltersed the game!" lol

silvacrest3245d ago

i doubt anyone has pulled a walters before, in the premier laegue at least

he was seriously bad in that matched, i joked with my brother that he must have been a double agent, paid off by chelsea

p_bateman3245d ago

Good result for Chelsea I love seeing stoke lose can't bloody stand them.