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Highlights: Manchester United 2-1 Liverpool ( English Premier League 13/01/2013 )

[1-0] R.v. Persie - 19'
[2-0] P. Evra - 54'
[2-1] D. Sturridge - 57'

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buddymagoo3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

Good performance by Liverpool they looked like they really wanted it and if they perform like that against other teams they will climb up the table. In the end though United's class shone through and we deserved the points and had quite a few clear cut chances that should have finished the game.

asmith23063789d ago

I thought a draw was deserved, you don't see ferguson bringing on defenders in the last 25mins for nothing. Liverpool weren't clinical enough, needed to take more shots when they had the chance. It's games like this where I have to laugh at Liverpool transfer business, rvp 24m Carroll 35m, it's a farce. I like sturridge though and he will be starting games from here on in my opinion, hopefully his signing will signal a change in their transfer policy. Now can't wait for utd and Madrid, gonna be a cracker.

badz1493788d ago

But Rogers should play Sturridge more from now. He's fitting in great with the team and that would give Suarez more option and less pressure. Suarez is a great player no doubt about it but you can't expect him to tear down the defense alone every match. Sturridge looks like a perfect partner for him.

As for United, De Gea should stop making THAT 'amateur' save! It pains me to admit this but he has not really improved from the time he arrived. The only reason he's goalkeeping because there is no one else available! He is wrong if he thinks that United can afford losing silly goals like that!

karim3789d ago

Great game, Liverpool pressured late on but were unlucky at times..Deserved for United tho

Nes_Daze3789d ago

Not surprised, as always..

jak3y13oy3789d ago

Great game!

United's first half but Sturridge really made the difference in the 2nd half!

karim3789d ago

Yup. Sturridge had a good game

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