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Highlights: Arsenal 0-2 Manchester City ( EPL -- 13/01/13 )

TV Golo -

0-1 Milner 21'

0-2 Dzeko 32'

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-Mezzo-3419d ago

Kompany didn't deserve the red card.

jak3y13oy3419d ago

i know! lost me 3 points on FPL for no reason! >:(

karim3419d ago

Thank god, I took him out a coupe of weeks out, barely get any clean sheet

buddymagoo3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

It's a difficult one but deserved.

badz1493419d ago

Both are yellows at most. But Arsenal sure is looking weak against big teams. It's like they are only in it for a draw

Nes_Daze3419d ago

City started good, lot of pressure up front, so not really surprised by the red card. And sorry, but I just can't stand the way Dzeko plays, he makes a good pass 1/5 times, and just seems so slow at times. Oh well, at least he was there for that second goal, props to Silva, Milner, and yes Tevez missed a big one but he did a lot for City nonetheless.

crazyturkey3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

Today I am disappointed. Everything that could go wrong went wrong for Arsenal. Koscielny made a bad judgment error and got punish by it, though might have bee be too harsh. A penalty and a yellow should have been plenty, but the decision wasn’t that controversial. What I’m more disappointed with is how long it took Arsenal to get over the red card. It took them 20 to 25 minutes to even start keeping the ball more, but by then they were already 2 goals down. The first goal was just poor by the defense and the second was unlucky Szczesny couldn’t hold the ball.
In the second half Manchester City took their foot off the gas and allowed Arsenal to somewhat get in the match. The Kompany red card to me, was also too harsh because to me he did get both feet of the ground slightly, but the tackle didn’t look that bad and on top of that he got a touch on the ball.
Anyways, as a positive Diaby is back, for how long who knows? Arsenal’s most dangerous attacks came when Diaby got involved in the attack fighting up to 3 Manchester City players at a time. He did gave away a few bad balls, but only one that came to any danger to Arsenal. I hope he stays fit for a while since no CDM or anyone for that matter, seems to be coming to Arsenal anytime soon. As for the passing it takes time to get back to match fitness after been sidelined for a while.

Anderson83419d ago

both reds seemed a tad harsh but could be justified..ref had a poor game,shame the first red came so early

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