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Real Madrid: Are Their Referee Pressuring Tactics Working?

BRB - Real Madrid’s quarterfinal first-leg victory over Valencia was marred by controversy surrounding some very doubtful refereeing decisions.

Roberto Soldado was denied a clear goal-scoring opportunity on three separate occasions, after being wrongly ruled offside, and Real Madrid’s second goal should have been ruled out for a handball by Gonzalo Higuain.

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mmj3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

"The theory goes that the Real Madrid and Barcelona have more influence over referees as a result of their prominence in the media. If referees make a mistake that goes against one of the big two, then a widely read partisan media will crucify them the next day."

Yes, it's the same story with Manchester United, the officials are terrified of Alex Ferguson slating them in the media because whatever he says he is gospel... like when RvP got a football kicked against his head and old Fergy said it could have killed him, the media instead of ridiculing Fergy for an idiotic comment were saying the same.

All Ferguson has to do is slate the officials decision making and they'll get crucified in the media, which is why he is able to shout at them like they're children and not even get mentioned in the post match report.

The media are scared to put Fergy in his place because he'll boycott them like he did the BBC for all those years.

RGB3904d ago

Which is a disgrace, FIFA need to put Ferguson in his place. He's not bigger than the sport or above the rules of the game.

buddymagoo3904d ago

Is this about Sir Alex or Real Madrid I'm confused???

RGB3904d ago

Ferguson has always been a cry baby in my eyes, can never admit he's in the wrong and when he's right he rubs it in more than most, shame really. Always deflects from the situation when he's in the wrong or his team has been shit. Blames everyone but himself for his errors. Snubbing BBC for years just shows how shallow the man is. He also tries to pull fast ones but people rarely fall for that crap now. British pundits need to take the Alan Green approach with Ferguson, treat the guy with the same respect as a Sunday league manager. If Fergie doesn't like that then he can go off the radar/media blackout again and sulk to himself.

Guardiola showed him up though, loved how Fergie thought United was the better team in 2009 after being raped in the final and then eating humble pie in 2011 after his 2nd failed attempt. :)

I don't hate his success, I hate the shitty attitude he has to everything other than himself and United.

buddymagoo3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

So Mourinho/Wenger and other great managers aren't the same and get angry from time to time? How many times have we heard Wenger with his famous "I never saw it" line.

He helps out all the time with the LMA to support managers and is constantly praised for taking calls from other managers when they are struggling.

He boycotted the BBC because they attacked his son just for a story.
“They did a story about my son [Jason] that was a whole lot of nonsense. It was all made-up stuff and ‘brown paper bags’ and all that kind of carry-on. It was a horrible attack on my son’s honour and he should never have been accused of that.”
Any father would do the same and the BBC even apologised.

Stop being bitter and being a hypocrite for calling out Sir Alex for doing exactly what you are doing right now! At least Sir Alex has never been a coward and poked someone in the eye and ran.

You're all a bunch of crybaby looking to make excuses why your team isn't performing. Losers will always look to blame others.

RGB3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

Never said other managers don't but Ferguson has been in the game longer than most (longer than the two you mentioned) and he should respect the letter of the Law. Doubt Sir Matt Busby or Sir Alf Ramsey went fing and jeffing to the referee every two seconds back then. They'd get slammed hard and Ferguson should be setting the example considering managers recognise Ferguson as "the boss".

Helping people doesn't make you safe from criticism and especially when you're putting the sport in disrepute. Just look at the RVP incident, "worst thing he's seen on a football field." So Keane breaking someone isn't worse? Cantona kicking a fan in the face isn't worse? Is Ferguson on drugs? He over reacts more than anyone.

If there's a story to be told it should be told, BBC had evidence from reliable sources but because Ferguson has some undeserved power he blacks-out BBC for 7 or 8 years. Ferguson isn't bigger than FIFA, as I said before and I'd say he's isn't bigger than the BBC.

"Stop being bitter and being a hypocrite for calling out Sir Alex for doing exactly what you are doing right now!" Come again? Please expand on this!

"At least Sir Alex has never been a coward and poked someone in the eye and ran." Like I said, never said anyone was any better but Ferguson should know better than anyone. Also, didn't Ferguson kick a boot in a certain player's face that made him leave United, funny that!

Mourinho is no saint, nor Wenger or Mancini. Pretty much every manager in English football at least acts like a criminal on the pitch. All they do is abuse officials for doing a difficult job. Tell you what, never seen Del Bosque or Guardiola verbally attack a referee because they lost. Bet we see Ferguson do it at least once in this next month, bet every Prem manager does and probably Mourinho. :)

Don't know what the last part is getting at but not too fussed about Madrid's circumstances at the moment (hope they don't get relegated (hardly likely) and hope they're successful) but I have my own problems to take care of.

Good day!

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asmith23063904d ago

Yeah, maybe they get the idea from looking at old bacon face, he is the master at it after all.