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Highlights: Barcelona 2-2 Malaga ( Copa Del Rey 16/01/2013 )

[0-1] Manuel Iturra - 26'
[1-1] Lionel Messi - 29'
[2-1] Carles Puyol - 30'
[2-2] Ignacio Camacho - 90'

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SadeckJaffal3726d ago

Alexis Sánchez was definitely the Flop of the Match. Messi , iniesta , adriano played well but puyol was the best one of them. Plus the attack of barca wasn't active like usual
I think Manuel Iturra was the man of the match because he scored the first goal and was playing well at the defence and he didn't do any mistakes

Nes_Daze3726d ago

Didn't get to see the match, but this definitely complicates things for Barca. Stupid way to give away first goal, and the second for that matter, stupidity like that will not only cost them this trophy, but most likely the CL as well.

SadeckJaffal3726d ago

Malaga played really good i think they deserve this score and the first goal of messi was a stupid mistake but the goal of puyol was beautiful.

doncorleone3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

Barcelona deserved to win, if wasn't for the flops of Sanchez they would have won it.We could say that Malaga played well I guess but they cant go on an play their ''beautiful game'' against barca, they have to be more defensive, which they did well...anyway second-leg will sure be a cracker

karim3726d ago

Some great football by Malaga, shame they're banned from Europe

RGB3726d ago

Banned? They play Porto in the knock-out phrase.

karim3726d ago

Was talking about the next season

RGB3725d ago

Oh didn't hear, why?

theEx1Le3725d ago

Financial Irregularities I believe it is. failure to pay debts.