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Highlights: Arsenal 5-1 West Ham ( EPL -- 23/01/13 )

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0-1 Jack Collison (18)

1-1 Lukas Podolski (22)

2-1 Olivier Giroud (47)

3-1 Santi Cazorla (53)

4-1 Theo Walcott (54)

5-1 Olivier Giroud (57)

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-Mezzo-3605d ago

Ruthless Arsenal, if only they could perform this good in-fornt of tougher competition.

imtiyaz63605d ago

Beautiful football from Arsenal. Here is something I noticed though, whenever Podolski played well, we won.And I was really impressed by Ramsey though. Looks like competition for a place in the starting eleven is really helping him.

Infernostew3605d ago

4 goal onslaught in a 10 minute span. Well done Aresnal...

PaPa-Slam3605d ago

I still didn't understood the 12 minutes extra time, did i miss something.

gunnerforlife3605d ago

yeah, one of the westham players got a back injury and he couldnt move at all, took like 10 minutes to stretcher him off

Blackdeath_6633604d ago

on of the west ham players was knocked unconscious so the game had to be stopped. not just any injury, he couldn't regain consciousness so they took him to the hospital i think it was a collar bone or something of the sort, one of those injuries where you have to carefully put the person on the stretcher

chukamachine3604d ago

That is the only difference between arsenal on a good day and bad day.

Chelsea were very lucky to get the win.

Second half all arsenal. But Chelsea lucked out and held on.

If arsenal can start well, they will win the games.

Giroud starting to hit the target, hopefully all the time.

podolski has a sweet left foot and cazorla is class.

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