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Highlights: Valencia 1 – 1 Real Madrid ( LA Liga -- 23/01/13 )

Goal -

0-1 Benzema (44')

1-1 Costa (52')

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-Mezzo-3960d ago

1-1 after 5-0. did not anticipated that at all.

RGB3960d ago

Valencia would of put more effort in this competition as the league is effectively done for both Real and Valencia with only Atlético Madrid having a decent chance.

Madrid was down to 10 men thanks to Fabio, plus Casillas suffered a hand injury.

RGB3960d ago

Correction, Madrid was down to 9 men with di Maria seeing a straight red! Missed that due to the Chelsea drama! haha

asmith23063960d ago

What is the deal with Real this year? Some games they look unstoppable and others they look like Chelsea...

Diffraction_Fos3960d ago

I think the thing is that they expect Mourinho to work miracles all the time instead of looking at themselves and identifying the problems. They're the defending champions and should have a work ethic & professionalism worthy of such a title.

ElliottHolland3960d ago

There is also some turmoil in the inner workings of the club. I love RM and it's my team but they need to seriously get their sh*t together. Any other coach would have been sacked by now, yet Mourinho remains.