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Hazard sent off for kicking ball boy as Chelsea frustrations boil over

The youngster had refused to return the ball quickly with time running out in the Blues' Capital One Cup semi-final at Swansea, prompting an angry reaction from the Belgian

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jak3y13oy2806d ago

Over react much... his own fault for not giving the ball...

His tweet before the match...

'The king of all ball boys is back making his final appearance #needed #for #timewasting'


goku323592806d ago

Exactly. The kid was clearly time-wasting and he should've just thrown Hazard the ball, but Hazard should've acted like the Adult. People do rash and stupid things when they're desperate and that was Hazard this time.
...still pissed off at the ball boy though.

Dark112806d ago

Hazard should have killed him.

buddymagoo2806d ago

Ball boy shouldn't have time wasted but Hazard had no right to retrieve the ball and should have just relied on the referee to add time on.

asmith23062806d ago

Oh come on! If you had a place in a final on the line you would be in a hurry to get the ball back in play as well. The ball boys job is to retrieve the ball quickly and get it back into the game, not to fall on it and smother it. This lad was taking the p!ss. I did admire his play acting though, he should be given trials with Barcelona.

silvacrest2806d ago

ball boy was asking for it if im honest

Infernostew2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

Hazard was foolish for being bated into kicking the lad. Ref would've added the time wasted to injury time anyway so it's his own fault for putting his team down a man.

karim2806d ago

Didn't actually kick the kid, he toe poked the ball under him.

Dungus2805d ago

I think there was a little bit of contact, but you're very correct on him poking the ball under him.

Diffraction_Fos2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

Hazard was in a hurry and actually trying to kick the ball from under him, if you look closely.
I'd have stomped hard on ball-boy's spine. If you're going to act like a dick, then don't cry when people retaliate.

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