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Arsenal open formal talks with Barcelona to sign David Villa

Gunners' contract negotiator Dicky Law has been in Spain to negotiate a permanent transfer after the Catalan giants softened their stance on selling the striker this month

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jak3y13oy3404d ago

i'm sure that Arsenal deserve a player from Barca as they gave most of their players to them ;)

ScytheX33403d ago

damn man, whats up with injurys f'ing up spanish player, torres, now villa, whos next casillas? (>_<)

GanjaMan3402d ago

barca are such cunts they poach fabragas and song and we let them have henry, hleb and overmars but they cant even return the favour and give us villa, wtf fuck barca cant wait till athletico win the la liga fucking cheats scum

ad4mb3402d ago

chill... thats how feeder clubs work