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Del Bosque: I have never seen doping in football

Goal - The former Blancos coach, currently in charge of the Spain national team, says he has seen no evidence of doping in football following claims by the former Real Sociedad president.

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-Mezzo-3694d ago

Of-course you haven't.

swift3693d ago

Bitter are we?
Spain are the best in the world!!! Take it.

buddymagoo3693d ago

Definitely something dodgy. They always seem to have so much energy than anyone else.

RGB3693d ago

Mezzo seems very bitter! Del Bosque is a man of honour and class with a fantastic career as both player and manager. He didn't and still doesn't have to bully his way to results like; Benetiz, Mourinho, Ferguson, Wenger, etc.

-Mezzo-3693d ago

I was not bitter, i was trying to be funny & it seems i failed. I have nothing against the guy.

RGB3693d ago

I sense weak sarcasm in you.

-Mezzo-3693d ago

Now you're the 1 that failed. :P