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Vertonghen: Only Messi and Ronaldo are better than Bale

Goal - The Belgian believes that the Clasico superstars are the only players who top his flying Tottenham teammate, with rumors of a move to Real Madrid remaining over the winger.

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Diffraction_Fos3477d ago

Says you. He scores one outstanding goal and he's suddenly 3rd best in the world? He has tremendous pace and a mean shot, but that's about it. He's pretty much average in other areas. His pace will sometimes work against certain type of defenders, but for the rest, he'd be shut out so consistently they'd think he was homeless.

IMO, Bale represents everything that is wrong with English football. "OMG! I can run faster than anybody, I'm the best footballer in the world". Maybe Usain Bolt should join the Premier League. They'll probably call him the best footballer in the world too.