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Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud claims he is better than Robin Van Persie

Since Van Persie left the Gunners for Manchester United last summer, Giroud has been asked to replace the Dutchman's goals.

And Giroud reckons he's made a better start to life at the north London club than Van Persie himself did.

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KingPin3385d ago

score 30 goals in a season and then we'll see

asmith23063385d ago

At the moment he's not. To be fair RvP didn't start to shine at Arsenal until he was 28. Giroud, you have 3 years to catch up.

johnsonbat3385d ago

I think he means he's better at making sandwiches. RVP never knew what side of the bread to put the butter.

Thefreeman0123385d ago

He scores four or five goals and now he thinks he's world class? I don't think so