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Manchester City starlet admits killing a brother and sister while speeding

A Manchester City footballer could be jailed for up to five years for killing a brother and sister in a crash while speeding in his Mercedes.

Courtney Meppen-Walter, 18, was driving at nearly twice the 30mph limit when he ploughed into a Nissan Micra as it pulled out of a side street.

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karim3700d ago

5 years in jail, shame..Potential career destroyed because he was acting like a complete f***ing tw*t

shadowraiden3698d ago

5 years in jail yet those 2 he killed have lost the rest of their lifes.
the justice system makes me sick how you can take a life and not get the punishment you deserve.

karim3698d ago

Remember reading a story about a man who tortured his wife for days and always beat up his kids brutally to the day he was sentenced for 8 years (he raped too)..He was released after 3 years then continued to send threatening letters to the point his son committed suicide..Judiciary system is bollocks

buddymagoo3698d ago

He didn't kill the people. He was driving down a road when they pulled out on him.

p_bateman3698d ago

5 years for killing two people is a joke he should be serving at least 10 to 20 years.

That goal keeper who killed to young boys only got a few years and he has been released. Karim the judicial system has always been bollocks, you rob a bank and steal the queens money you get 25 years but murders and peado's get light sentencing.

RGB3698d ago

Only 5 years?! No hope! Anyone else would get 3 times that at least! Unreal!