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Highlights: Southampton 3-1 Manchester City (English Premier League - 09/02/13)

[1-0] - J. Puncheon - [7']
[2-0] - S. Davis - [22']
[2-1] - E. Dzeko - [39']
[3-1] - G. Barry - [48'][og]

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jak3y13oy3699d ago

WOW!!! :O

This is brilliant for United! Come on gotta beat Everton tomorrow! ;)

ProjectVulcan3699d ago

Southampton in truth utterly outplayed City today. Well deserved. Should have even had a penalty too.

buddymagoo3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

Southampton played fantastic today and with that performance they could have beat anyone in the league.

karim3699d ago

Barry's own goal was brilliant, laughed for minutes!

mcstorm3698d ago

So did I it was a great finish. My brother who is a city fan said they should put him up front if he is going to finish like that. I think if United win today I don't see City catching united and I also think they now need to start worrying about Chelsea spurs and the gunners as they are now 4 5 and 6 points behind city.

no_more_heroes3699d ago

Tuned in to watch a football match, was shown a Southampton practice session instead. Someone somewhere's gonna get fired for this scheduling mishap. ;)

Infernostew3699d ago

I found it pretty strange that Barry and Hart showed up and were practicing pks.

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The story is too old to be commented.