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Rafa to miss out on Chelsea & Real jobs

Interim Chelsea boss Rafael Benitez is no closer to signing a permanent contract at Stamford Bridge and may have dented his chances of succeeding Jose Mourinho at Real Madrid.

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SadeckJaffal3381d ago

i really hope that he don't come to coach real cuz first i don't like him , second he's not a good coach and third he's gonna ruin the team like he's doing in chelsea

Sahil3381d ago

"Ruin the team"

you talking about the same Real Madrid

1. Whose players are not in favor of Mourinho as their coach next season.
2. Mourinho/Casillas conflict
3. 12Pts behind league leaders
4. Mourinho/Spanish players conflict

You judge a manager after just 8-10 games?

SadeckJaffal3381d ago

what are you talking about , i mean chelsea was the first in the league and when he came they start losing and now they are the third.
and at least mourinho gave real the league title last season and copa del rey but this year there's was problems but mourinho still a great coach and we all know it

krazykombatant3381d ago


You talking about the same Rafael Benitez who took a champions winners/FA cup winners into a battle for the 3rd,4th spot battle with Spurs, Arsenal and if you want to throw in Everton.

This team was doing well outside of the november slump with RDM.

12pts behind a Barca who seem to be playing insanely good or teams just laying down.

Also shall we put some things into perspective

After 16 matches RDM had 11 wins, 4 ties and 1 loss with 69% win percentage.

Benitez had 9 wins, 3 ties and 4 losses 56% win percentage.

AVB has the exact same statistics, but he seems to be leading a significantly lesser squad, on paper at least, to a 3rd spot finish, with the potential to challenge for the title in the future.

Mou who you seem to be criticizing, 13 wins 2 ties and 1 loss so thats 81% win percentage. So there is nothing much to say as to who is the better manager.

Casillas has said that he would prefer to lose by 20+ points La Liga title and win the Champions League.

If you don't believe me with the numbers here is a pic.

Sahil3381d ago

Not criticizing Mourinho, just stating the facts.

RGB3380d ago

Why the hell would Real and Madrid fans want this tool?! Rafa hasn't done anything worthwhile as a manager in 6 years! If Ferguson stays at United, where will Mourinho go? He's extended his contract at Madrid. He'd be mental to return to Chelsea with Roman still in charge and managing City will kill his dream of being United coach!

Although there is a lot of controversy with Mourinho at Madrid, he'll probably stay another season and the club will be better off with it being that way!

Ideal situation for me would be; Mourinho stays until the 2013-14 season, leaves at the end to join United and Del Bosque is appointed Real manager after 2014 World Cup. In that time frame, President Perez is removed from office! :)

krazykombatant3380d ago

Del Bosque would be an good replacement for Mou.

RGB3380d ago

He never got a real chance thanks to Perez, if you look at the trophies he won as Real manager in his few years he's done better than anyone in Spain minus Guardiola in the last two decades.