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Ronaldo: We can win at Old Trafford

The Portuguese forward is confident about his side's second leg chances in England, while reaffirming his affection for his former club after refusing to celebrate his goal

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KingPin3381d ago

i dont think any united fan will have hatred for ronaldo even if he's the one to knock em out.

it was pretty evenly matched in spain, lets see how madrid do on the road. if they can pull out the same or better performance, united gonna have to bring a AAA game. everyone will have to play to the best of their capabilities much like De Gea. il admit, before the match i was skeptical. but after the match, he won me over. if he plays like that every match, every season, he will be a legend like Peter Schmeichel or Edwin van der Sar.

ProjectVulcan3381d ago (Edited 3381d ago )

Madrid can win at Old Trafford but I won't be putting money on it.

It is difficult for any team to win at Old Trafford and they have to play to their best, and hope United have an off day.

To put it into perspective, United have lost only 2 games in the Champions League from 38 games at home.

Which of the giants was it? Madrid? Barcelona? Ac Milan? Bayern? Inter? None of these.

The two losses came from unusual sources, I remember the Fenerbahce loss in 1996 because it had been 40 years since United lost a European game at home. United still got to the semi finals that year though.

More recently CFR Cluj defeated a wholly changed young United team last December, rotated to prepare for the Manchester derby after United were already through as group winners. It paid off, United beat City 3-2.

Think of all those huge games United have played at home in the Champions League for the past 20 years, and they haven't lost a single real biggie at home.

krazykombatant3380d ago

Lol you seem to have a bigger hard-on for united than magoo. The score will most likely be 1-1 most the match. What will be interesting is how long will the score remain like that. Also, why you keep holding so close to those statistics, in the end it all comes down to the 11v11. If man u are sooo damn unstoppable at home they should have made every final.

Good thing you're not managing them, I can guarantee that the last thing SAF telling his players that ohhh they cant hurt us at home. If I remember reading here or in the paper sometime this week, overconfidence sent you straight out of the group stage last season

ProjectVulcan3380d ago (Edited 3380d ago )

I merely outlined some interesting facts. You may also want to pay attention to the first line of my post before spouting off some crap.

United's home record is highly impressive in the Champions league.

United made 3 finals in a 4 year period recently, correct.

I don't see how your reply really contributed anything useful or interesting to this discussion just instead some smack talk aimed at me. Have you even been within 1000 miles of Madrid in your life?

I didn't go out the group stage last season no.

It couldn't be that I had annoyed and rattled you so much you had to attack me instead of talking about the article is it?

Seems fairly obvious.

krazykombatant3380d ago (Edited 3380d ago )

@vulcan attacking you looool, no such thing. You're talking on madrids chances which pertain to what ronaldo says. So we arent off topic, so youve been in the final big deal, only to be spanked by barca, just like madrid has been, not only at that but on English soil.

Here we go with the "have you been near madrid" lol, from what I understand in England most ManU fans aren't even from Manchester most likely from essex/ anywhere not Manchester.

If I came off as "rattled" well thats the Interwebs emotion and meaning gets lost.

Seems to me you just think that the away goal only applies for man u and not madrid. Either way no pointnin continuing this vicious circle, we'll wait till the next leg and the winner can rub it in the face of the loser. ;p

FlunkinMonkey3380d ago (Edited 3380d ago )

Personally I think Vulcan makes some pretty valid points.. Real know how hard it will be to beat United at home, their home record IS pretty impressive.

However, Real looked dangerous wednesday, with a ridiculous subs bench to boot. This will be the match everyone is looking for..