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Van Persie: I am addicted to Manchester United

The 29-year-old is leading the Premier League scoring charts for the Red Devils with 19 strikes, and wants to play every game to get the same buzz

Robin van Persie admits he is addicted to playing for Manchester United to get the "buzz" of intensity from playing in the greatest games for the Premier League leaders, and never wants to be rested by Sir Alex Ferguson.

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SadeckJaffal3213d ago

Already !! It's his first year at manchester united and he's addicted to them !! That's weird and for sure arsenal's fans will not like that at all

-Mezzo-3213d ago

Enjoying the Twitter trick now are we.

Might have to do something about this.

SadeckJaffal3213d ago

it is you who taught me that bro :D
can't i do it ?

karim3213d ago

What the hell, Mezzo..You're going off topic.
Wait, I'm going off topic just by replying at your off topic post, damn...

Arsenal's biggest ever mistake was selling Van Persie to their rival club. Unforgivable

-Mezzo-3213d ago

I know i am the supreme master.

You can use it no problem, but doing it on every post is bad & you should feel bad.

SadeckJaffal3213d ago

ok msupreme master ;)
thx for the info , u know im still new

buddymagoo3213d ago

Mezzo if I bubble you down for being a douche will you know that I have bubbled you down??? :P

-Mezzo-3213d ago

Yes, I would. HAHAHAHA.

I do it all in fun, I am the farthest thing from Douche.

buddymagoo3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

I'm joking, I know you're not a douche just like you know you are not supreme master. Not yet anyway.

-Mezzo-3213d ago

I never said I was a supreme master of this place, I said that about Twitter Trick. As... You know I used to use it a lot.

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pompombrum3212d ago

Success is addictive.. sorry Arsenal fans.

solid_warlord3212d ago

He was born to play for United biatch!

Dungus3212d ago

Must feel nice to be top of the table and not battling it out for fourth for a change!

BlmThug3212d ago

He's addicting to winning