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Goal-Line Technology to be used at 2014 World Cup

After a successful trial period at the Club World Cup, Fifa has decided to implement the technology at at Brazil 2014 and at the 2013 Confederations Cup

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krazykombatant3869d ago

Why not just implement the whole way???

buddymagoo3868d ago

Sepp (Fifa) wants it, Platini (UEFA) hates it.

BryanBegins3868d ago

Yeah, a lot of the dinosaurs that are at the head of football are still against any form of technology. Platini literally said that whether the ball crossed the line or not is to the interpretation of the human referee... what a joke.

Now that goal line technology is there, I just want some sort of video review (like what they do in rugby where it doesn't take 10 minutes) and suspensions after game for heavy simulation/faking.

ElliottHolland3868d ago

I am for it and against it at the same time. I dont know about this one.

BryanBegins3868d ago

How can you be against? It'll tell us right away if the ball crossed the line or not. It won't slow down the game like when they do video review in american football or hockey. I don't see a single reason as to why we would rather not now and/or not allow a valid goal like the Lampard one in the WC2010.

asmith23063868d ago

If the officials behind the goal did their job they wouldn't even need this but it's about time!

jak3y13oy3868d ago

Maybe England can win the world cup now!!!!!!!!...