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Highlights: Arsenal 1-3 Bayern Munich ( UEFA Champions League 19/02/2013 )

[0-1] T. Kroos - 7'
[0-2] T. Müller - 21'
[1-2] L. Podolski - 55'
[1-3] M. Mandzukic - 77'

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SadeckJaffal3754d ago

Fair score , we all knew it.
Arsenal should thanks the ref. for the corner and the goal.
Bayern played very well like usual , nice tacktic ( counter attack ) , and i think bayern will qualified

ProjectVulcan3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

Well that was a pasting. Remember when the draw came out, I said Arsenal have no chance there against anyone but Malaga and Bayern would waltze over them. Got lots of disagrees weirdly.

So in your face disagreers! Lol

Arsenal were just outclassed really. Bayern were very good but we know they are running away with the Bundesliga and Arsenal are not in good form and struggling a little in the league.

Anything less than a Bayern win would have been a shock result, in reality.

SadeckJaffal3754d ago

Yes of course , and i think the match in bayern will be the same result but without any goal for arsenal. Only if the ref. give them another corner ! lol

karim3754d ago

Expected a 5-0 scoreline after the first half tbh..Arsenal were truly outclassed

SadeckJaffal3754d ago

No they weren't that bad , but bayern is just stronger than them !!
And the possession was for arsenal

ngecenk3754d ago

thats because they were keeping the ball on the defensive side. there is no chance for them to go forward since bayern would steal the ball.

GanjaMan3753d ago

cant wait to watch chelsea's match tonight, ohh wait....

karim3753d ago

That joke has been used so many times (I've even used it with my friends countless times), so if you think you're being funny or original with this comment, you're completely wrong

xX_Altair_Xx3754d ago

Thought it would be 4-0 Bayern, so Arsenal actually did pretty well!

But I really don't get all this Wilshere praise; it's like every match people on twitter are commenting on how good he is, almost like he's Zidane.

Got schooled today by Kroos and there's plenty more like him in Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A etc. Even though I'm a Utd fan I just don't see how one can say Wilshere is better than better European talents.

BlmThug3754d ago

I, honest to <insert entity>, don't see it either. He's meh IMHO.

Nes_Daze3754d ago

Robben was too much of a problem for Arsenal in the second half, and Bayern was great in defense, completely closed down their counter attacks. Lahm had a pretty good game too.

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The story is too old to be commented.