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Pele: Neymar is just an ordinary player

The three-time World Cup winner has launched a stinging attack on his compatriot, accusing him of underperforming for his country and being too concerned with his own image

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krazykombatant3628d ago

Doubt this, both of them are friends. Either way Neymar is too big in Brazil to be just another ordinary player.

SantistaUSA3628d ago

I'm from Santos, SP Brasil and that's not quite how Pele talked about Neymar, it was not an attack, he did say that he believes that the success went a little bit over Neymar's head and that he's not helping the team as much as he could and that Neymar is not ready to go to Europe yet.

I agree with Pele, I love to watch Neymar playing, he has amazing skills but he seems to be more concerned about getting attention by changing his hair color all the time etc He is a hard worker tho, he goes to practice even on his days off, stay late practicing and all.