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Ronaldo set for Madrid crisis talks

Florentino Perez will meet with Cristiano Ronaldo in May in an attempt to convince the Portugal international to remain in Madrid.

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KingPin3377d ago

Ronaldo should just go back to united where the pressure is not solely on him to win games and the fans respect and appreciate him much more. not to mention when you less pressured by people, you tend to perform better.

i think Madrid was a case of the grass looks greener but in reality, it isn't.

asmith23063377d ago

The only way I could ever see Ronaldo leaving Madrid for Utd again is on a free. I would be shocked otherwise. Madrid paid too much money for him. You dont get rid of players you pay ridiculous amounts of money for unless you are Liverpool. You Utd fans need to move on and find a new hero.

mmj3377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

Ronaldo will forever be in Messi's shadow playing in La Liga, when he realises that I wouldn't be surprised to see him coming back to the Premier League... if he refuses to sign a new contract at Madrid they will have no choice but to sell him, it would be madness to let him leave on a free transfer.