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How much longer can Barcelona go on without a coach?

The Catalan club suffered a damaging defeat at AC Milan on Wednesday and looked to lack motivation. With no Pep Guardiola and now no Tito Vilanova, the situation is far from ideal

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KingPin3678d ago

with no tito, why isnt the senior players stepping up.
more importantly, why isn't puyol stepping up. he is the team captain after all. i mean, for training, they know what they did with pep there, why not do the same training. as for gameplan, they only have one <which was evident in the milan game> so how hard could that be to practice. as for the match, puyol is on the bench half the time, so clearly he can see who isn't performing and make decisions on who to play, who to substitute etc.

funny thing is, even without a coach, barca are still winning and will probably beat many top club in europe with ease. they lose 1 game and are suddenly in a crisis. got to love football journalism. barca will be in a crisis when they throw away their lead in the league. until then there isnt a need to worry.

krazykombatant3678d ago

Like KingPin said Barca is just too damn good that even without a coach they can still win matches.

Sahil3677d ago

Every team needs a coach, no matter how strong you are. We saw it in the first leg.