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Alba: I'll go nuts if I score away at Real Madrid

The Barcelona left-back found the net during his side's 3-1 loss to Jose Mourinho's men on Tuesday and is hoping to do so once more when the two sides clash on Saturday

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krazykombatant3371d ago

Won't matter, I expect the starting XI for saturdays match to be filled with mostly reserves. Outside of it just being pride no reason to tire out the first rate team on a match that will have no impact whatsoever on the league result.

buddymagoo3370d ago

No chance! Madrid have to respect their fans and the league. Let's say if they do field a reserve team and get battered by Barca at home, do you think that would help Mourinho?

messiisgod3371d ago

Bit late now as they played on tuesday!?

jak3y13oy3371d ago

yet another El Classico is on Saturday :)

jak3y13oy3371d ago

I would go 'nuts' if i scored against Madrid...

Nes_Daze3370d ago

Jordi can do it, especially with Messi and/or Iniesta who know how to place the right ball to him.

KingPin3370d ago

well with no ronaldo to terrorize them this weekend they can focus on other things like finding a plan B for example.