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Luis Suarez : “If Bayern Munich Makes An Offer I Would Certainly Be Willing To Listen”

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has indicated that he would be open to offers from Bayern Munich next summer.

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SadeckJaffal3629d ago

do you imagine liverpool without suarez ?!?!

karim3629d ago

He, alongside Gerrardd are the only two 'world class' players, if he leaves..Liverpool would have a massive hole to finish

SadeckJaffal3629d ago

well yeah of course cuz gerrard isn't young !!
and liverpool need to buy some world class players if they want to improve

solid_warlord3628d ago

@SadeckJaffal hahahaha, which world class player would wanna play for liverpool..a joke of a club.

pompombrum3628d ago

Yup, Liverpool fans could rejoice, they'd be able to go out Saturday night and be back in time for the championship highlights.

karim3629d ago

That's what I like to call pure loyalty

SadeckJaffal3629d ago

no well , if he leave the EPL it wouldn't be a problem for the fans but after all its bayern we're talking about not any team

Diffraction_Fos3629d ago

Right. Because people pledging 'loyalty' openly to the press all the time are the most trustworthy. *cough*Torres*cough*

karim3629d ago

How I wish he was loyal and actually stayed in Liverpool

Sahil3628d ago

As far as I know, he's a Liverpool player.

KingPin3628d ago Show