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Highlights: Wigan Athletic 0-4 Liverpool ( English Premier League 02/03/2013 )

[0-1] S. Downing - 2'
[0-2] L. Suarez - 18'
[0-3] L. Suarez - 34'
[0-4] L. Suarez - 49'

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Diffraction_Fos3627d ago

Suarez - 21 PL goals. (28 all comps)
Van Persie - 19 PL goals. (25 all comps)

But apparently Bale is the deserving winner for Player of the Season because "season" means "the last 5-6 games"? Oh, and he's suddenly on par with Ronaldo as well, according to some journalists.....*epic facepalm*

ProjectVulcan3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

Bale's return is highly impressive because he is not a striker like the other two you cited are.

I believe for the premier league it is between Suarez and Van Persie but Bale is not far behind and he could easily knock in even more by the end of the season.

If he makes an impact tomorrow in the Arsenal game he could be pivotal to Spurs returning to the Champions league and finishing above Arsenal. If Spurs win it'll strike a big blow to Arsenal finishing 4th.

Van Persie is pivotal in Man Utd's success which seems assured at least in the league, leaving Suarez with little but personal achievements to show by the end.

The_Devil_Hunter3627d ago

Gareth Bale is a freaking fantastic player. Dont get me started with Suarez hes fantastic as well but goodness me I cannot stand him, such a prick. As for Bale, hes always been a world class player. He deserves the praise.

Diffraction_Fos3627d ago

WOW! Suarez doesn't deserve the award because you can't stand him? So the PFA Player of the Season award is a boy-scout popularity contest?

BTW, "world class" is Ronaldo & Messi level. Bale doesn't even come close. Watch him disappear again between April and December. Then, he'll score loads of goals within a couple of months and suddenly the English media will cream their pants again.

SadeckJaffal3627d ago

hey bale was the greatest in the EPL you should watch him more , and he is all tottenham !!
He's the only reason tottenham are in the third place (without tomorow's match) so i think he deserve it

Diffraction_Fos3627d ago

And you should watch more than one player more.

"Greatest in the EPL"? Because he's had a great few weeks? Van Persie is currently joint-leader in the assists charts. How many has Bale got?

Of course, I'm not saying he's mediocre. In fact he's a great player as well in his own right. But c'mon. Bandwagon-jumping much? He's hit a purple patch in form. It happens to many good players many times over in the course of their careers. But it doesn't make them world-class.