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Jordi Alba gave Real Madrid fans the finger while celebrating Leo Messi’s goal

In the second Clasico of the last five days, Real Madrid picked up right where they left off in their 3-1 second-leg win at Barcelona on Tuesday to advance to the Copa del Rey final. Karim Benzema opened the decidedly less important La Liga edition with a goal in the sixth minute, but Lionel Messi was able to snap his inexcusable streak of one whole match without a goal by scoring in the 18th minute. As Barcelona celebrated the equalizer, Jordi Alba was caught giving the Bernabeu what looked like a middle finger salute.

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SadeckJaffal3367d ago

What's that ?? he should be punished by the fifa , i don't like alba at all i mean players who plays in big teams shouldn't do that !!!

Nes_Daze3367d ago

He's lost his head, it's an example of how distant this Barca is from the one that was more disciplined, focused, and intelligent. Hope Puyols and Tito knock some sense into him.

wantedboys3366d ago

I am Madrid fan

i saw the picture he was not giving the finger he was saying messi is number one

RGB3366d ago

There is two images. 1st is very clear, Alba's thumb and fingers are position in the typical middle finger position. You can see his index is down also. 2nd image has a completely different hand gesture with the thumb in a new position. This time he has the index finger up.

Obviously saluted the Madrid fans and then indicated Messi is #1.

listenkids3366d ago

He started with the index and kept it as the index, no switching, watch the replays. Delusions running wild.

KingPin3366d ago

so you saying everyone in the front row is blind?

or do Madrid fans just randomly give any away team the finger for celebrating in front of them?

listenkids3365d ago

Yes I am saying they are blind, blind by the fact they just conceded a goal and are a little pissed off and see one thing, a finger, it could have been his pinky for all they care. I'd raise a finger if my team conceded a goal and celebrated next to me.

Dungus3366d ago

Unless he has extra fingers, the picture above clearly shows that he's not raising his index finger (?)

listenkids3365d ago

You mean the 8 pixel image where you can clearly make out a hand, yeah, ok.