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Dark times for Arsenal after loss to Spurs


In rock 'n' roll, hitting rock bottom is straight forward. Booze, drugs and reckless behavior of all manner conspire to send the ailing star to the brink. Paint-by-numbers self-destruction, it was immortalized to hilarious effect by John C. Reilly in "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story." Killing yourself was never more fun than when Cox shouted between swigs of alcohol with a groupie, "This is a dark @#$##@ time."

The equivalent descent into darkness in football is being written right now, but poor old Arsenal can't even have a few moments of guilty joy on the way down.

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asmith23063189d ago

Until arsenal consistently fail to hit the top four I wouldn't call their situation dark times.

Dungus3189d ago

Exactly. For a team who no longer really care about winning anything, I think they're doing pretty well to keep getting Champion's League qualification.