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Mourinho: The best team lost

The Madrid coach does not think his side deserved to win their Champions League match this evening, and claimed that the Red Devils were superior during the game.

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KingPin3364d ago

could be fact as well.

up until "the incident" united were leading and not only outplayed them but had real madrid relatively contained.

XboxInnovation3364d ago

He's a motivator, saying this will motivate his players to play better. No one likes to hear they've been outplayed.

mmj3364d ago

Well he can hardly say that he thinks Madrid were the better team because it would be an outright lie.

Real Madrid were hardly a threat until the sending off, Mourinho claims that Modric was the difference but the whole Madrid team got more room to play once United were numerically outnumbered, the media keeps banging on about Ronaldo scoring but up until then he was kept quiet.

Even with 10 men United gave as good as they got.

Dungus3364d ago

Sometimes I feel like the only person who thinks Madrid's goals would have went in anyway, regardless of the sending off. Modric's shot would have beaten two keepers!

KingPin3363d ago

modric's shot wouldn't have been stopped by either keeper. the difference is, with 11 men on the field for united, would modric be given that kind of space and time around the box to get the shot off in the first place. thats where the argument lies.