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Turkish referee follows Ronaldo and Real Madrid on Twitter

The Turkish referee who ruined Manchester United’s Champions League dreams at Old Trafford last night has shown an incredible 36 yellow cards and three reds in just eight club games since mid-January.

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krazykombatant3360d ago

Ohhh no, he is a football fan. The conspiracy OOOOoooooOooooOooOOO.

Corepred43358d ago

Lmao!!! Seriously. Wow. All this time you Man U fans had some class. Expected more than the conspiracy reach.

buddymagoo3360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

Rafael was less than half a foot away from Ramos when he headed the ball at him. In football we call that ball to hand and it was definitely not hand to ball.

What do you think about these images?

And let me also point out he only follow Turkish and Spanish teams so he doesn't follow all of football just Turkish and Spanish. Also his last 5 sendings off were all English teams, coincidence, no?

RGB3358d ago

Clutching at straws.

KingPin3359d ago

i don't think it has anything to do with the card given.

The fact is this ref gives cards for relatively small tackles. he should just have his license revoked and thrown out from refereeing. he is useless. soccer is a contact sport. he should get used to it.

karim3359d ago

This is the lamest thing I've ever seen. Are people really that dumb?

asmith23063358d ago

Utd just aren't used to things not going their way. When things don't, the ref, UEFA, FIFA, the whole world must be conspiring against them ;)

asmith23063358d ago

How did this tripe get approved?

Myst-Vearn3358d ago Show