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Uefa opens disciplinary proceedings against Sir Alex Ferguson and Nani

The Manchester United manager failed to fulfil media obligations in the aftermath of the Champions League defeat to Real Madrid after the Portuguese was controversially sent off

Uefa have opened disciplinary proceedings against Sir Alex Ferguson and Nani following Manchester United's defeat to Real Madrid on Tuesday evening.

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buddymagoo3197d ago

I would never blame the opposing team, I think the Real boys would have preferred to play against 11.

I still think the ref was wrong though and for the good of the game should be held responsible. All teams want better officiating.

wantedboys3196d ago

@FlunkinMonkey In my opinion the red card was fair a lot people will agree and a lot will disagree so if u did not like the decision so who cares nothing can be done to undo it

Hala Madrid

krazykombatant3196d ago

Yeah flunking you dont sound like a prepubescent kid with your offensive language. Wanted has been here for quite a while, dont start saying who should be banned or not. Damn prick.

FlunkinMonkey3196d ago

@Krazy So adults don't swear do they kiddo? News to me.. Looking at the person who is claiming i'm 'Butt hurt', and is referring to me as a 'kid' is positively amusing.

Who said anything about being banned? Fabricating thoughts there mate? don't get too protective of your reach around buddy. It's good that you can come to the aid of each other, really.. it's nice you've built up this internet relationship, it's cute.

I see you arguing on here constantly you child, you and your buddies comments are 99% gloating.. petty. so hush those gums of yours and get typing, it's all your good for.

ProjectVulcan3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

I don't think the club or Ferguson will care in the slightest if UEFA levy heavy fines against them, because it will only strengthen their feelings of obvious injustice and increase the siege mentality.

United have been shown to feed off outside forces criticising and ostracising the club to go onto greater things.

The manager and the players won't soon forget.

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Thefreeman0123196d ago

Grow up... I look forward to real getting stomped next round

krazykombatant3196d ago

Controversy is part of football time we get used to it. Dont worry howard webb will be reffing the match v chelsea. You should get all the calls go your way.

buddymagoo3196d ago

"You should get all the calls go your way."

Krazy I don't understand are you implying that a referee might have a bias to one team over another?

Seems to me like your contradicting yourself.

chukamachine3196d ago

I've already heard, uefa are confiscating his chewing gum for 1 month.

DangerousDAN3196d ago

Should've played a more attack-minded game and maybe you would've scored a couple more goals, Fergie. That way you wouldn't be bitching about a ref's mistake and getting disciplined by UEFA.