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Red card controversy: A case of what goes around comes around for Manchester United midfielder Nani?


Nani was among those who protested when Emmanuel Eboue of Arsenal was sent off for a similar challenge.

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ProjectVulcan3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

Different incident. I don't like to see players appealing for a card but Arsenal were already really dead and buried before the card came- 3-0 down.

Secondly the way the ball dropped meant that Evra was ALREADY in a good position (he had already made a small move and then jumped straight up on both feet) and ready to head the ball, waiting, while Eboue had time to get under the ball and challenge with a header rather than lead with his foot and have a high leg. Eboue had a choice to reach for the ball without raising his foot, Nani didn't in the game on Tuesday.

See where the ball finally drops, it actually hits Eboue on the head AFTER he had crashed into Evra!!!!

Arbeloa and Nani were BOTH charging towards the ball and Arbeloa couldn't get it with his head (it was waist high by the time it reached him and where it hit him) and if Nani intended to touch the ball to control it his only choice was his leg at full speed.

I don't quite believe that Eboue's was a straight red either but it was DEFINITELY a yellow as a minimum, but Nani's on Tuesday was at most a yellow.