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Training with Suarez is like facing Messi, says Liverpool defender Enrique

The left-back admitted it is near impossible to tackle the striker despite knowing his tricks, much like the Argentine, and says he deserves to be crowned Player of the Year

Liverpool defender Jose Enrique has likened the difficulty of trying to mark Luis Suarez in training to playing against Barcelona star Lionel Messi.

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SadeckJaffal3361d ago

That a beautiful compliment !!
A lot of players think like that of suarez

Diffraction_Fos3361d ago

That's a big compliment. Of course, no players are in the same level as Messi & Ronaldo. But I believe what Enrique is trying to say is that Suarez is as close to Messi-like as you can get on the level below where the previously mentioned two are.

SadeckJaffal3361d ago

Buy imagine suarez playing with real madrid or barcelona , he'll play better than he do in liverpool , and he'll get some experience ( specially playing in CL ) , and he'll improve a lot too

KingPin3360d ago

well, why not prove it to people so that they can see it with their own eyes and move away from liverpool.

I think all players want to win trophies and be considered one of the best. him staying at liverpool letting people imagine it just isn't going to help his case.

and diffraction_fos is right, this generation there is messi and ronaldo on top of the pack. everyone is a level below them, the rooney, suarez, neymar, RVP, Bale etc.

asmith23063360d ago

Suarez is a class act alright.