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Rooney short of options if he leaves Manchester United, says Owen

The Red Devils striker has a fractious relationship with Old Trafford boss Sir Alex Ferguson, but the Stoke man does not think the 27-year-old will have many suitors

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Ninjamonkey823356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

I don't know Sir Alex changes a few things to spice things up a bit next thing these web sites go mad. This players going here there everywhere lol. I discount all this bull till something actually happens simple as that. Wayne knows himself how things work at the club.

The changes made in the RM match where for the better at that time. Rooney was always gonna be an option to be played later I'm sure he knew and accepted that.

What you saw on that night was a player that was naturally as disappointed as any of the other player on the pitch after failing to progress in the circumstances.

But then again people will always put there spin on things.

goku323593355d ago

Exactly. Rooney was benched for one game for tactical or fitness reasons, and now these sites are "speculating" that he doesn't have a future at Manchester United. Just a bunch of nonsense.

Mata was benched in Chelsea's last game, does that mean he'll be gone in the summer?

FRAKISTAN3355d ago

ofcourse he is short of options,since he is only hyped up in england,