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Highlights: Steaua Bucuresti 1-0 Chelsea ( UEFA Europa League 07/03/2013 )

[1-0] R.A. Rusescu (pen.) - 34'

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goku323593362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

What a pathetic performance. Not just Torres this time, but everybody. Nobody looked like they wanted to win. They weren't piling on the pressure at all, while at the same time Steaua were swarming any Chelsea man who had the ball.

Those D-bags pointing the laser in Lampard's face only pissed me off even more. I want to win next week, but that doesn't seem to be possible if we keep playing like this. Fighting to win a game does not mean shambling across the pitch (I'm lookig at you Torres!)

I also want to point out to fans that this isn't Rafa's doing. He fielded a strong team, and they really should have won it. Enough with the "Rafa out" crap and support the team, he'll be out at the end of the season anyway.

United's gonna rip us a new one on Sunday...

Mozilla893362d ago

Seriously, we haven't put in a good performance in months. If the players can't motivate themselves for the game against United it could get ugly.