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Chelsea to sell Fernando Torres for £15 million

Chelsea are prepared to sell striker, Fernando Torres, for £35 million less than what they signed him for back in January of 2011.

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SadeckJaffal3360d ago

Finally !! i mean what are they waiting for ?
he did nothing this season , they really need someone else

Diffraction_Fos3359d ago

So he finally IS walking alone?

KingPin3358d ago

he should move back to spain.
you'll see him be back to his old self then.

i always said chelsea should've loaned him to a spanish club for a season. he just needs the feeling of home and family support. that would really help his game. take him to his roots.

jony_dols3357d ago

Actually I think a spell with Arsene Wenger (if he's still at Arsenal come summer) would do him some good. He helped rejuvenate Henry & turn him into a world class player after he flopped at Juve.

Maybe he could do the same for Torres? God knows Arsenal need a striker who can actually score!

silvacrest3357d ago

if true this is fantastic but who in the world would buy him for 15 mil?

badz1493357d ago

so...if Torres is really 15m I think he will be interested seeing as Torres was from Liverpool

Blackdeath_6633357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

15 mill is a bargain if he can regain part of his previous form at his peak. he will never be as good as he once was but he can still be an excellent striker. it is a big gamble and it will be interesting to see who is willing to make the bet. every good player who goes to chelsea turns to shit i don't know why, torres got the short end of the stick he was never going to be successful at chelsea. demba ba will follow suit.

silvacrest3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

what are you talking about? have you forgotten drogba?

that's a huge gamble btw, you could just buy a inform striker rather then hope torres gets better

jak3y13oy3357d ago

Great investment Chelsea...

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The story is too old to be commented.