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Wenger: We have to believe we can beat Bayern Munich

Arsenal were beaten by the Bundesliga leaders 3-1 at the Emirates in the first leg of the Champions League last-16 tie, but the Gunners' boss insists his side still have a chance.

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no_more_heroes3670d ago

Of course you can beat Bayern Munich.

Can you beat Bayern Munich by 3 goals though? For whatever strange reason (apparently I'm masochistic or something), I don't feel it's totally impossible.

Likely? Not at all. But not totally impossible.

jak3y13oy3670d ago

i really want Arsenal to get through and then win... nah that's unlikely! ;)

goku323593670d ago

Hey this reminds me a lot of last season. Round of 16, Arsenal is eliminated, Chelsea are last English club in the champions league. They're down 3-1 from the first game, end up winning next game 4-1. Now you just swap out Chelsea for arsenal, and who knows, we could have another miracle on our hands.

asmith23063669d ago

I like wenger but I'm getting tired of his "we believe" statements. Who is he kidding? Arsenals defense is clueless at the moment.

Dungus3668d ago

He talks like the manager of a smaller football club.