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Tottenham star Bale is no diver, says Liverpool midfielder Allen

The Anfield youngster has defending his Wales team-mate after the Spurs winger was once again booked for simulation during his side's 3-0 Europa League victory over Inter.

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Diffraction_Fos3355d ago

6 yellow cards, was it? Yep, he's not a diver, it's all the referee's fault. LOL!

Sorry to burst your bubble, Joe, but both Bale and Suarez are divers. However, Suarez has started to refrain from diving the past couple of months, and Bale needs to follow suit.

no_more_heroes3355d ago

Didn't you know? He doesn't do it to cheat, he does it to protect himself from serious injury when tackles come flying in at him. That makes it ok. /sarcasm

Diffraction_Fos3355d ago

As I've mentioned in another article, the term "diving" has been customized to "injury-avoiding maneuver" to suit Bale's needs.

Sahil3354d ago

How are you mate? /no sarcasm

Diffraction_Fos3354d ago

Him going down holding his eye when Lucas only touched his shoulder was disgusting. But as usual, the BBC match reviewers ignored that and focused on Suarez catching the leg of Dawson late. They're not allowed to tarnish the image of their golden-boy, no sireee, not while he's in the running for POTY.

asmith23063354d ago

The replays suggest otherwise ;)