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Highlights: Manchester United 2-2 Chelsea (FA Cup - Quater Finals - 10/03/13)

1-0 Chicharito 5'

2-0 Rooney 11'

2-1 Hazard 59'

2-2 Ramires 68'

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jak3y13oy3360d ago

United just seemed to switch off!

Why cant they clear the ball!? getting paid £50,000+ and they cant kick it far! :/

Well done to Chelsea for getting back well deserved!

Hazards goal was top class!!

So was Rooneys ;D

buddymagoo3360d ago

After we went 2-0 we just didn't look interested. That was a pitiful second half performance!

goku323593360d ago

If we wouldn't have started so badly, the result could have been different. Oh well, great game nonetheless.

Hazard was the best for Chelsea, maybe Mata. De Gea again with an amazing performance for United.

Can't wait for the replay. The Man U. - Chelsea games always end up being great entertainment.

karim3360d ago

Man, De Gea saved United's asses in the last minutes..What an incredible save from Juan Mata

goku323593360d ago

Did anyone else see this?

The commentators pointed it out. What do you guys think?

KonohagakureFC3360d ago

Love how Ferdinand pushes him over and then forces him back up, why did he even need to make contact at all?

goku323593360d ago

There was no reason to make contact whatsoever, and it was definitely intentional.

Reminds me of last season when Yaya slapped Mata

karim3360d ago

Ferdinand is one of those footballers that you would love to repeatedly smack if you ever see him

buddymagoo3360d ago

You mean like Terry or Cole. We all have them... nothing to see here.

asmith23063360d ago

An absolute peach by hazard. Utd struggling to hold a lead again. Considering the form they have been in I wonder is it starting to dip.

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