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Highlights: Barcelona 4-0 AC Milan (Agg: 4-2) ( UEFA Champions League 12/03/2013 )

[1-0] L. Messi - 5'
[2-0] L. Messi - 40'
[3-0] D. Villa - 55'
[4-0] J. Alba - 90'

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Nes_Daze3358d ago (Edited 3358d ago )

Beautiful performance by Barcelona, 4-0 and no goals conceded to Milan. Got to say, we got lucky with Niang's miss but if you look at the team's that have the heart to win it in times like these, most of them have a little luck in there somewhere. Haven't seen Barca play like this in a while, complete night and day difference, oh and what is it, first team to win it after losing 2-0 away?? Awesome!

wantedboys3358d ago (Edited 3358d ago )


Barcelona played a good match today

Milan defense was terrible

badz1493357d ago

that 2-0 win was for nothing! they got lucky with the 2 goals at home and what made them think they can go head on offensive against Barca at Camp Nou?

KingPin3357d ago

Nes, barca played like champions on the night. no doubt about it. messi is just class. totally unstoppable. glad he got out of that dip he was in. the difference i noticed was barca not playing 100 passes on the halfway line. they had a much more direct approach and for once they actually attacked down the wings and floated balls in. but you could see thats not their style, they barely won any headers in the box.

i dont know about that stat though.

theres the 2011/2012 round of 16
SSC Napoli 3-1 Chelsea FC
Chelsea FC 4-1 SSC Napoli (aet)

1999/2000 quarter finals
Chelsea FC 3-1 FC Barcelona
FC Barcelona 5-1 Chelsea FC (aet)

2003/04 quarter-finals
Real Madrid CF 4-2 AS Monaco FC
AS Monaco FC 3-1 Real Madrid CF

2003/04 quarter-finals
AC Milan 4-1 RC Deportivo La Coruña
RC Deportivo La Coruña 4-0 AC Milan

but yeah, not taking anything away from barca. great match. im just hoping they don't win the UCL :P lol

Nes_Daze3357d ago

Crossing doesn't ever seem to be their forte, especially when it's done against them, but I liked seeing a Barca that was more direct with their passing, faster, and more creative in attack. Milan's midfield struggled a lot as well. As for the stat, I think the analysts were talking about losing 2-0 away as in not scoring any goals away, but regardless I'm just happy they got the result, now hopefully we don't cross paths with Bayern, lol.

RGB3358d ago

Niang hitting the post was the deciding factor for me. If he scored it would of been over. I'm sure Nes_Daze would agree to that too.

AC gave Barca way too much respect in the whole game. They were wasteful throughout and Barca just played to their strengths.


SadeckJaffal3358d ago

I don't understand why muntari wasn't playing in first !!
Milan should of play like the last minute from the begining (attackin and pressure) , plus the first goal of messi at the fifth minute gave barcelona a big confidence and it was a shock for milan.
And of course if niang scored when he could , the game would for sure be over

Corepred43358d ago

Wow. Way to get smashed Milan. I'll have to go back and watch the highlights after work. Wow, really didn't see this coming after the first leg.

krazykombatant3358d ago

Milan played like sh*t. Cant believe they conceded 4 goals... that miss ufffff.

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