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Highlights: Bayern Munich 0-2 Arsenal (Agg:3-3) ( UEFA Champions League 13/03/2013 )

[0-1] O. Giroud - 3'
[0-2] L. Koscielny - 86'

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SadeckJaffal3731d ago

Wow never expected this score !!
Arsenal should be very proud of this result , really , i mean it's not easy to win against bayern and 2-0.
but the question is: would the match and the score change if J.Willshere was playing ?

buddymagoo3731d ago

Yeah, Arsenal would have lost. Jack is incredibly over rated and goes wandering with the ball leaving gaps in the team.

Arsenal played really well tonight and I was rooting for them. Ref wasn't helpful kept stopping the game.

Nes_Daze3731d ago

So close, they did a lot more than I expected, perhaps Wenger should've made those changes earlier in the second half?

asmith23063731d ago

Great effort by Arsenal but I think Bayern had this done and dusted after the game in the Emirates. Was a bit to much to ask of them after that.

no_more_heroes3731d ago

I could have bet big on this exact series of events and won. I fully expected them to fall one goal short. I fully expected that third goal Bayern scored in the first leg to be the decisive goal. It wasn't a difficult match to predict, because this is Arsenal. This kind of thing is what they do: get themselves into a hole that ends up being ONE SINGLE SOLITARY foot too deep for them to get out of, EVERY time, for the past 8 years.

Too little, too late should be our motto.

*heavy sigh*

my chest hurts...