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Manchester United stunned by £70m Bale asking price

David Gill has approached Spurs chairman Daniel Levy about a deal for the 23-year-old, with the north London outfit hoping to tie the Welshman down to a new five-year contract.

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KingPin3356d ago

70 million for Bale.

sheesh, talk about over-hyped and over-priced.

asmith23063356d ago

In today's transfer market I am not at all surprised by this. But considering Madrid paid ~35m for Modric, 70m for Bale seems right given that he scores three times what Modric did from midfield.

krazykombatant3356d ago

They're just surprised the cant get him on the cheap like the did with van persei.

Diffraction_Fos3356d ago

It's what I've been saying all along. He's a very good player, but never £70m and IMO never will be. Not a penny more than £40m, and that's pushing it.

krazykombatant3356d ago

Hes worth at the least £50 mil to spurs.

buddymagoo3356d ago

If they finish top four then I would agree but if they drop out of the top 4 then he is worth 40m max and they would be stupid to hold onto him.

johnsonbat3356d ago

Well, if Liverpool paid 35 million for Carroll, I'd say they'd be happy paying 1.2 billion for Bale.