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Calcio Debate: Should Juventus migrate to Ligue1?

Antonio Conte and Juventus supporters have expressed their discomfort for the way their club has been treated during the current season, Cesare Polenghi writes

"It would be easier to pack up and leave [to another country]," said Antonio Conte in the press conference that followed the game won by Juventus in Bologna.

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asmith23063351d ago

Juve deserve far more respect. The only team in Italy who are giving Italian football a good name again. They are an outstanding team and given that this is a team rebuilt from the relegated team of 2006, it's a miracle. Shows how well the club is run and on a smaller budget than most top clubs, all things considering. The likes of Arsenal could take a note or two from them.

Sahil3351d ago

Conte is a fantastic coach he has taken Juventus from jokes to a winning machine, almost a legend status in the eyes of Juve supporters, for me he has to be the next Real Madrid manager, with Conte in charge Real Madrid would play football from another planet.

alousow3351d ago

REAL PLAYER HAVE TOO MUCH EGO it will be hard to coach them. look Mou he is strugglin to get everyone on the same page because of EGO issue