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Horror tackles in the Premier League

In light of the dangerous tackle by Wigan's Callum McManaman on Newcastle United's Massadio Haidara, lists some other instances where players have made truly horrendous challenges during Premier League games.

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Sahil3350d ago

The title should be Horrendous -_-

no_more_heroes3350d ago

This is why I refuse to get too upset at Aaron Ramsey (unlike certain other players...).

God knows I'd be paranoid as phuq after that if it were me.

Thefreeman0123350d ago

after a bad accident like that, yeah i would flinch or think twice before going in to a tackle as well.

neoragex3350d ago Show
Jonnyquest3213349d ago (Edited 3349d ago )

He had a reason, an eye for an eye and all that (not that I condone either what Hangelaand did to him or Roy back to Hangelaand)

buddymagoo3349d ago

No need for that though. Great player who just went too far at times.

p_bateman3349d ago

He had no reason to what he did, Hangelaand thought he dived keane is a tw*t for doing what he did.

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