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Lahm: I dream of winning the World Cup

The Bayern Munich wing-back is full of ambition ahead of next year's tournament in Brazil, but says he is keeping his feet on the ground as they still have to qualify

Germany star Philipp Lahm dreams of winning the 2014 World Cup, but has stressed they cannot afford to look too far ahead and must focus on qualifying first.

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no_more_heroes3348d ago

Would this generation of German players be considered a failure if they don't win it in Brazil?

krazykombatant3348d ago

same question can be asked of the Brazilian team if they don't win it at home.

oli3347d ago

I don't think Brazil has a team as great as Germany, but it is Brazil, they're full of surprises.

buddymagoo3347d ago (Edited 3347d ago )

There is something very similar about this German team to England's golden generation. England really had the talent to win everything but just couldn't get it together.

The have all the talent available to win it but who knows??? Argentina might finally get their act together, Spain could be business as usual and stroll it. I can't see Brazil winning it. For me it is Spain, Germany, Argentina

oli3347d ago

I'm sure everyone that loves football dreams of that for the country they like. My hopes for Mexico winning are much more after seeing them win the U-17 twice and gold in olympic football.

KingPin3347d ago

well you do have a team that could realistically win it. germans are in a small group of those strong favorites in every competition they play in be it the world cup or the Euros.