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Lionel Messi's tattoo revealed

The Barcelona star's brother posted an image of the bodyart on Twitter, which was inked just three days prior to Argentina's World Cup qualifier with Venezuela

Lionel Messi has revealed a brand new tattoo on his left calf, which has been created as a tribute to his young son.

The body art, which depicts a small pair of hands and the name Thiago in simple black ink, was photographed by the Barcelona star's brother Matias before being uploaded to Twitter.

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Kos-Mos4045d ago

Ugly as hell. No sane man cares. Yes, I came here to say that.

Corepred44044d ago

Nice idea but with his money dude should have gotten them professionally done. Really look like crap.

p_bateman4044d ago

Messi is a legend, but i'm not a fan of tattoo's and that tat looks terrible, to me they only look good on hard mother fu*kers like boxers or cage fighters.

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The story is too old to be commented.