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Hoeness: Few Barca & Madrid stars would be starters at Bayern

The FCB supremo feels the German giants already have plenty of stars and does not think they are anything less than the Liga duo

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jak3y13oy3662d ago

so you wouldn't want messi and ronaldo up front with robben/ribery/muller or klose! you crazy!

krazykombatant3661d ago

yeah even less bayern players wouldn't even start for RM or Barca.

BlmThug3661d ago

He said FEW, so I would imagine he would add CR7 and Messi to his starting lineup if he could

Nes_Daze3661d ago

Seeing how Madrid and Barca make up pretty much the best national football team on the planet at the moment, I'm thinking he's just trying to boost Bayern's confidence after their crappy loss against Arsenal..