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England fans have the right to blast Rio Ferdinand, says Gerrard

During Friday's 8-0 win over San Marino, supporters chanted abuse towards the Manchester United defender following his withdrawal from Roy Hodgson's national squad.

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buddymagoo3658d ago

There is no such thing as an England fan as most of us only support the players from our clubs. Which is wrong and we should get full support behind all the players and not worry about players not in the team.

SirBradders3658d ago

Speak for yourself i thought it was because there is no englishman left.

buddymagoo3658d ago

I don't understand? Englishmen left where?

gunnerforlife3657d ago

He was basically being racist. As in there's no longer an Englishman around and it's all foreigners nowadays!

silvacrest3657d ago

gerrard and people like him should be grateful, just imagine how well england would do with "true" Englishmen

its not like the current team is world beaters