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Suarez could face Fifa wrap over Jara punch

The striker appeared to lash out at his opponent during Uruguay's 2-0 loss to Chile but will not know the extent of any suspension until the match official's report is reviewed

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Diffraction_Fos3534d ago

Defender grabbing my groin? I'd personally break his nose. BTW, that's not a punch. All your grandmothers can hit harder than that. That's more like a shove with the back of your hand, hence why the defender is not going down holding his face.

Yes, Suarez IS a wanker, an a-hole and a hothead, but only on the pitch. People just assume he's like that off the pitch as well, like they used to do with Rooney.

Some players seem like angels on the pitch, but have a poor record off it. And some(like Joey Barton & Balotelli), are little dips**ts both on and off the pitch.