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Manchester City captain bought a football club for his sister, a “birthday gift”?

"Vincent Kompany the Belgian Manchester City captain decided to buy 3rd division club from Brussel for his sister. She will become a president of the club.

FC Bleid is not performing very well in the current season, they lost 19 from 25 matches and..."

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Fluke_Skywalker3537d ago

I bought a golf club for my brother once.

kalor623537d ago

yeah, buying clubs become standard :D

Corepred43537d ago

Guess ill by my brother a club sandwich for his birthday.

ijust2good3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

Im thinking of buying scumthorpe united

kalor623537d ago

"united" sounds good:) Go for it!

monkey nuts3537d ago

Accrington Stanley are more what investers are looking for, high yeild on longterm goals and promising brand recognition within the international markets..................

anticlimax3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

He isn't buying a club for his sister like a birthday gift or anything.

He is starting a project for footballing youth in Brussels who, because of their background, feel more at home on the streets then on an actual football club.

Because of his busy schedule (as busy as that of Obama, his sister said), she will be heading the project for him.

He's also an ambassador for the ngo 'SOS Kinderdorpen' to whom he donates lots and lots of money.

Don't make this out to be another football player throwing money around like it's meaningless.

*edit: don't you diss my captain!